February 19, 2010

Bad Day

I'm choosing to start off today's bad post with some happy pictures from last weekend.
Has a week gone by already? OI!

Yesterday was not my day.
First, my morning started off by going in to get Aves out of her bed.
She was SOAKED in pee. (This is not unusual at all)
I picked her up and kissed her on the cheek (like I do every single morning ever.)

This particular morning, not only were her jammies soaked in pee...
but so was her FACE!!

I freaked out trying to wash my now pee-soaked mouth while my 2-year-old just laughed hysterically at me.
Apparantly, Mommy getting pee lips is the funniest thing ever.
(ok, it is really, really funny looking back)

We went to run errands after I cleaned up the pee and my child and my face.
We went to Target.
Cool. Nothing new.

On the way out to the car, the HUGE case of waters that was on the bottom rack of the cart slid off of the cart and spilled open...EVERYWHERE!
Keep in mind, the basket (with my child in it) was in the middle of the road!

I was scrambling to pick up the waters and the case of waters AND get my cart/child out of the road.
It was a hilarious sight........
especially to the ONE guy (a Target employee) that watched me and laughed at me,
instead of laughing and HELPING me!!

Note to self: Always, always help those in need...it's ok to laugh but help, too.

What a day!


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