January 29, 2010

So so full!

We are snowed in and while there is a lack of things to do, there is not a lack of food.
My mom made a giant batch of homemade chili...so so good.
AND we made two different kinds of brownies.
Although you could never tell from looking at us,
my family loves to eat! Especially sweets :)
Before the snow started, we already had a nice collection of icicles hanging from our back perola.
I found it beautiful and inspiring.

Trying to find activities for a full of energy 2-year-old who only wants to play outside can be difficult.
Here's what we found to do instead:

play with babies in the tent

watch cartoons while holding babies

babies, babies, babies
(they are all my old beanie babies and she adores them more than any other toy)

we held hands while snuggled up in Papa's chair watching cartoons...so sweet

we stared outside as the snow began to fall and wished it was time to play outside.
Maybe tomorrow, Aves.

We played with Avery's new Dora video game that she got for Christmas.

It's a bit old for her so I had to do most of the playing while she watched.
(I got it at Just Between Friends, so it was really cheap!)

Avery showed me how to dance the Mambo.
"Now wiggle your hips, wiggle your hips!"

We played drums.

boomba boomba boom!

She wanted to love on her pink elephant.

"How 'bout 2 edaphents?!"

We played airplane. 3, 2, 1...blastoff!
I always let her countdown.

We played soccer in mommy's room.
"Avery, what do you want to be when you grow up?"
"A soccer player!!"

Nana let us play on her bed.
This is one of Avery's favorite things to do.

We did all of that before naptime. I know you're impressed...it was a loooong morning.
Avery started to get weepy after lunch. She decided that playing baby with Mommy would be fun.
So, she laid on my chest and pretended to cry.
I secretly loved every minute of it. :)

What a fun-filled snow day!
Tomorrow, I plan on venturing outdoors to take Avery sledding.
Also, Sunday is my birthday.
24 feels very very old.

January 26, 2010

DON'T! let it snow

It's beautiful, isn't it? Noooooo! This Thursday the weather man is predicting millions of inches of ice/snow/crap. AND it's my birthday on Sunday. This would be either the 4th of 5th birthday in a row that it has been nasty out. Let's all hold hands and pray for no snow! I would like to celebrate my birthday on Saturday like a normal person!

Ok, ok. Enough of that.
Can you believe that this is my sweet little baby Avery?

Isn't she dear? Oh how I love her and she sweet little baby self. I have some serious baby fever. I think it's only because Avery is becoming more and more independent everyday.

This is my sweet *big girl* Avery. She is illuminating and so darling. She has the most perfectly kissable cheeks...

and she thinks I do too :)

We are a perfect pair.

She is seriously my angel. I think I could be alone forever and just be her mommy and I would be completely ok with that...as long as she never grows up ;)

You know, she looks NOTHING like me...except the eyes. The best part...if you ask me :)

I think of all the things in the world that could make me happy, and nothing makes me happier than my sweet *big girl* Avery.

Are you tired of the sap? Maybe I'll post something a little different tomorrow.
Like...pictures of my clean closet!!

January 24, 2010

This face brings me




and lots of laughter.

My Avery is home.
As much as I miss her when she is away, I know that she is giving her dad and his family the same joy, love, peace, contentment, and laughter that she gives me everyday.
I know it is rare, but I really feel like it is so so so important for Avery to be apart of her dad's life and his family's life.
I couldn't imagine not knowing a whole side of my family just because my mom and dad didn't work out in the end.
Avery is so blessed to have two families that love her endlessly.
I count them everyday.
January 22, 2010

Today I Feel

a little bit lonely.

Having few friends doesn't really bother me most of the time.
I spend almost every drop of free time with my daughter so I don't really make time for anything else.
However, Aves went to visit her Gran-Nana Sybil with her dad's mom for the weekend.
On these types of weekends, I would love to catch up with old friends or do something fun that I don't usually do because I always put Avery first.
Well, there aren't many old friends to catch up with.

So, here I am. Alone. And moderately upset about it.

It will get better.
It just has to.
January 19, 2010

Happiness is...

...a fresh batch of chocolate chip muffins

... my girl wanting me to hold her all day...just because

... daydreaming. one of my favorite things to subconsciously do

...getting an A on my first project for a class that I thought I might have to drop

...being content.

My happiness is not defined by what I don't have, but what I do have.
Live it.
Love it.
What makes you happy?
January 18, 2010

Spring Break! I need you.

This photo encompasses my room and how it looks every single day. I pride myself on being neat, organized, and clutter-free. Impressive, right? The closet tells a completely different story. It makes me feel like a liar!
You can see my obvious attempts at organization but the STUFF just keeps coming out of the woodwork! I have no idea when I started collected this "stuff". It is beginning to overtake my closet and soon it will spill out into my room. I'm scared! It looks as if the characters from AHHH! Real Monsters should be hanging out and living in there. (Anyone remember that show?)
Unfortunately, free time is something I lack these days. I am a full-time mommy, full-time student, and I work 2 jobs. Oi. Hurry up spring break...this overwhelmed momma could use a little bit of your time.

On the weekends, I get to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. On this particular Saturday, I got to visit a dear old friend and her precious new baby. Introducing Marli Grace:

She is beautiful and has a beautiful name to match. Congratulations, S! She is a doll. :)
I was looking at pictures from when Avery was that little. WOW! Time really does just fly by. Now she isn't a baby; she is a big girl learning to ride a battery-operated four wheeler.

She quickly learned that boy toys are much more fun that girl toys. Maybe I will give her a brother...someday.
Anytime I'm driving in the car with Aves and I here her say "cool babe", this is what I can absolutely find sitting in her carseat:

It means she has put her sunglasses on (one of her many, many pairs) and she is just chillin. She learned to say "cool babe" from me. I am an excellent role model.
That same car ride I took a picture of the two of us...at a stop sign. Don't worry!

This is a similar picture to one that I took in April of last year:

Yep, time flies. Avery is much taller/bigger. AND she doesn't suck her fingers anymore! Yeah, she is a big girl. Sigh.
January 17, 2010

Inspiration (a story of lacking some)

This being my first post, I am quite positive that I need no introduction.
I'm Amber, blah blah blah.
The story is absolutely the same. Simple. Peaceful. Honest.

I find it to be so reassuring that no matter who comes in and out of my life, I always remain the same. You know, compromise is a dirty thing...remaining true to yourself...now THAT is something of great fairytales and romance. Ok, maybe it's not. But it should be.

It's so easy to become a slave to happiness. Most of us search far and wide for that certain guy slash girl slash job that will absolutely end all hints of sadness. Something to just make us want to smile all the time, not because we have to, but because we WANT to.

What I'm screaming is that it is possible to find that happiness within yourself! Why limit yourself to only only being happy if the right opportunities come along?! It sounds completely absurd. I am a firm believer in making choices for yourself and it starts with making the choice to be happy NO MATTER WHAT.

Of course, it's not as easy as it sounds, but with practice and knowing that nothing can bring you down (especially: NO ONE), life has no boundaries. Happiness and success are limitless when you can bring them to yourself.

All of this, a lesson I have had to teach myself: when life fails to meet your needs, meet them on your own.

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