February 7, 2010

I only have my thoughts

I don't have any pictures today.
Just my thoughts.

My life has been overwhelmed with homework and studying.
My motivation lacks greatly and I need help.
Oh school, I hate you.
I just have to keep my eyes on my goal.

Avery is 2 and a half...TWO AND A HALF.
And she is not potty-trained.
It's ridiculous, really.
You see, several months ago, [my mother and I] had her almost there.
Then, she got really, really sick and all that training went down the toilet...no pun intended.
So now, several months later, the potty-training ensues.

Today, after many days of refusing to do her business anywhere but her pants, Avery WENT POTTY ON THE POTTY CHAIR!!
It's a revelation, I tell you.
For such a smart, SMART little girl, the concept of the potty chair is outstanding and for some reason, so hard to comprehend.

Avery speaks Spanish.
She knows all of her numbers, colors, shapes, letters, the sounds of each letter, and how to count in English and in Spanish.
She has a brilliant memory and will remember things from months ago with no prompting.
I know it sounds as if I am exaggerating...but I assure, I'm not.
Ask anyone who has been around Aves for more than a few minutes.
GENIUS child.

But potty-training...nooooooooooooo.
It's like we are making her eat dirt.
She has refused.
So, today has been a day to remember.

Enough of about that.

Valentine's Day is coming up.
Even though I don't have a lover and haven't had one for several V-days, I still love it!
I love (almost) everything about it.
The decorations, the candy, the flowers, the gifts, the love.
Avery is my Valentine this year.
We will make cookies and, weather permitting, we are going on a picnic!
I feel like this holiday doesn't have to be about having a significant other, it just has to be about love and the love you have for those you matter to you.
Simple. Peaceful. Lovely.

Life is good.
Only when you make it that way.


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